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Leather Jackets Styles

8 Alluring Leather Jacket Styles You Should Have in Your Wardrobe

The best investment you can ever make for your wardrobe is in an all season leather jacket. The truth is that leather jackets never ever go out of Fashion. But just like any other cloth, fashion , they are forever evolving and transforming. Indeed there are any many leather jackets styles just as there are seasons. Sample this:

1. The Bomber Jacket style

Usually simple in shape and featuring a central zipper, this jacket has fitted waists and cuffs. It is definitely one style that has been perfected in the recent years. You can safely pair it with denim and an uncomplicated white T-shirt. On other occasions, you can simply replace it with your suit jacket and it comes out amazing.



2. The Schott Perfecto or Double Rider

Made of superior and high-quality full grain leather, this jacket comes both in one and two zipper variations. It was so much favored by the celebrities in the a080s. It is a typical motorcycle jacket and looked upon as a badge of adventure and excitement. This design has evidently retained its taste and remained admirably cool.



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3. The Flight Jacket

This jacket has often been referred to as the Bomber jacket. It was originally sketched as a pilot's leather jacket. The center front zipper is designed in such a way that it is covered with a placket to offer protection against the wind. More often than not, it comes in brown color, and it is bulky with a sheepskin collar strapping across the neck.

The flight jacket is a great investment for your wardrobe; it was specially designed to provide warmth. You do not need to worry about more layering to stay warm and you can also comfortably and simply pair it with plain trousers and a T-shirt. If you feel burdened with the sheepskin collar, you can safely remove it and wear your jacket without it still look very stylish and cool.



4. The Fencing Jacket

This is a well-fitted model designed with zippers placed asymmetrically at the front. The folds on its front are fastened with the zipper and Velcro. It is equipped with special sleeves for better arm movement as to when you are in physical combat or activity. It has slits on the back which make it fit perfectly and prevents any limitation to movement. It comes adorned in the standard colors which are red, black and white.



5. The Racer Jacket

Going very mainstream in the UK in the 1960s, this style has remained relevant with its minimalist and cropped approach. It is designed with a band collar and chest zips on the front. It is so easy and versatile to adorn. It compliments the body by showcasing the broad shoulders, but it is also good at hiding whatever faults your body might present.



6. The Field Jacket

This jacket is long and presented with multiple front pockets and a belted waist. It is a very good shield from all-weather elements. It is one style that appears attractive in its rich brown color, giving you extra warmth when you need it. During the winter, it works perfectly to give you a warm and alluring style.


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7. Vintage Leather Jacket

Sometimes, a vintage style jacket is all a wardrobe needs. Whether it’s a true vintage jacket or a brand new item that’s been made with a vintage look in mind, these leather jackets are a good way to bring a little bit of history to an outfit. This is a great way to contrast with current trends.

Vintage Leather Jacket


8. Fur and Faux Fur Leather Jacket

Nothing says elegance and sophistication quite like a fur leather jacket. However, not everyone is comfortable with wearing fur.



This is why such effort has been put into designing faux fur leather jackets that look just as good. Though fur and faux fur leather jackets are most popular with women, there are a number of great men’s options to choose from.



As you can see, there are a number of fantastic leather jacket styles to choose from. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else, for a man or for a woman, you won’t be short of choice. Simply, there’s a jacket for every style and every occasion.